Small businesses deserve better

ERC Digital is empowering smaller companies with the tools and advice used by the big guys. Our simple and powerful application helps you file for the ERC in minutes - not weeks.

What we do

Simplify the complicated

We enable small businesses to cut through the confusion and take full advantage of the US government tax incentives available for running and maintaining their businesses during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

How we do it

We automate data collection, eligibility and  calcuation processes

We combine proprietary technology, integrations with the IRS and small business tools, industry expertise and business tax savvy to deliver a streamlined solution that quickly identifies eligibility and speeds the submission process to get government relief to businesses that need it now more than ever.

The ERC Digital team is focused on maximizing the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for businesses with less than 50 employees.

At ERC Digital, we believe that...

small businesses deserve the same opportunities as Fortune 500 companies.

Strong, thriving communities drive economic prosperity, societal advance and individual success.

Small businesses are the backbone and lifeblood of our communities.

It is essential that small businesses take advantage of every resource available to them.

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