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Why ERC Digital?

We’re the only ERC Processor teamed with a Big Four Accounting Firm & TaxStatus, giving our customers the most automated, accurate and secure filing experience possible.

Designed for small businesses with under 50 employees

Automated and streamlined application process

Easy eligibility and credit estimation calculator

A team of customer service pros and tax experts ready to help you

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The Employee Retention Credit

Up to $26,000 per employee

This is the max credit per employee for the lifetime of the ERC.

Businesses open in Q1 2020 to Q3 2021 can qualify

If you operated a business with full time employees during this period you likely qualify for the ERC.

Qualify with reduced revenues or if affected by government COVID orders.

Even if you didn’t have a big drop in revenues during COVID you can still qualify if your business was affected by a government COVID order.

Refundable tax credit. Not a loan.

This isn’t PPP. This is a payroll tax credit for eligible businesses that requires filing an amended 941-X.

Check out the IRS Tax Code detailing the ERC program

The US government is ready to give your small business a portion of $400 billion set aside for keeping your employees through the pandemic.

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We’ve simplified the ERC filing process to four easy steps.

Most ERC companies use teams of people to manually sort through your documents and request a lot of data from you. After going through this process ourselves, we decided to build a better tool. Here’s how we make the complex, easy — for  YOU!


Tell us about your business


Securely upload your documents


ERC Digital calculates your credit


ERC Digital helps you process and file your amended return

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